A13.5 2024

“A13.5 runs north to south in the eastern Atlantic Ocean. The R/V Langseth is host to this NOAA-led cruise!” Click here for our blog!

I08S 2024

“I08S heads to the ice edge in the Southern Indian Ocean and then north to the I09 line.” Click here for our blog!

P02 April 2022 Leg 1

`` US GO-SHIP repeated the P02 30°N zonal transect in spring 2022. Crossing the Kuroshio Current and transiting the subtropical mode waters of the western North Pacific, the R/V Revelle passed over one of deepest trenches on the planet...'' Click here for our blog!

P02 June 2022 Leg 2

“Picking up where Leg 1 leaves off just to north of Hawaii, the R/V Revelle continued sampling along 30°N passing through waters that present exciting tracer signals. After more than 3 months, P02 finished up with a double crossing of the dynamic California Current system.” Click here for our blog!

A13.5 2022

``Load, Sail, Return, Repeat. All aboard the NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown! This will be the second attempt at the 4th decadal occupation of this Southeastern Atlantic, Antartica-to-the-Equator meridional transect after the first was aborted due to COVID in 2020...'' We set sail Jan. 4, 2022. Click here for our blog!

A20/A22 2020

“The reoccupation of the A20 and A22 lines in the western North Atlantic Ocean will soon begin. The US GO-SHIP team will depart from Woods Hole onboard of the R/V TG Thompson…” Click here for the blog!

I06S 2019

``As part of the US GO-SHIP Program, we will repeat the I06S cruise line, targeting the rough waters of the south Indian Ocean, on board of the R/V TG Thompson!..'' Click here for the blog!

I07N 2018

"Delayed by the threat of pirates for nearly a decade, this re-occupation of I07N is our first opportunity to revisit the oceanographically complex northern Indian Ocean in more than 20 years..." Click here for the blog!

P06 2017

``Since setting sail on Monday July 3rd, the other students and myself have done our best to settle into our daily 12 hr shift routines. We were each hired on as a Conductivity Temperature Depth (CTD) Watch Stander with the responsibility of preparing the CTD rosette...'' Click here for the blog!

S04P 2018

``67 days at sea! We depart from Hobart Tasmania on March 9, 2018 on the R/V Nathaniel Brown Palmer and follow 67°S along the Ross sea ice shelf...'' Click here for the blog!