“The reoccupation of the A20 and A22 lines in the western North Atlantic Ocean will soon begin. The US GO-SHIP team will depart from Woods Hole onboard of the R/V TG Thompson…” Click here for the blog!

I06S 2019

``As part of the US GO-SHIP Program, we will repeat the I06S cruise line, targeting the rough waters of the south Indian Ocean, on board of the R/V TG Thompson!..'' Click here for the blog!

S04P 2018

``67 days at sea! We depart from Hobart Tasmania on March 9, 2018 on the R/V Nathaniel Brown Palmer and follow 67°S along the Ross sea ice shelf...'' Click here for the blog!

P06 2017

``Since setting sail on Monday July 3rd, the other students and myself have done our best to settle into our daily 12 hr shift routines. We were each hired on as a Conductivity Temperature Depth (CTD) Watch Stander with the responsibility of preparing the CTD rosette...'' Click here for the blog!