U.S. Global Ocean Ship-based Hydrographic Investigations Program

US GO-SHIP is part of the international GO-SHIP network of sustained hydrographic sections, supporting:

  • Physical oceanography
  • The carbon cycle
  • Marine biogeochemistry and ecosystems
  • Global ocean/climate observing system

The US program is sponsored by US CLIVAR and OCB.

Funded by the National Science Foundation and NOAA.

2023: NOAA GO-SHIP A16N (March-May) two legs South to North along 20W in the Atlantic.

2023: NSF GO-SHIP I05 (July-Sept. 20223) East to West along 32S in the Indian Ocean.

2024: Up next: NOAA's repeat of A16S and the NSF repeat of I08S/I09N.

Plans for the reoccupation of P04E are still on the table.

Download/ Submit Cruise Data & Reports

Data and reports are available through the Cruise Data & Schedules Table

To submit and download CTD and bottle data, or to download carbon, current profilers and meterological data, follow the links at the Cruise Data Submission and Download page

Spring 2023 A16N

With 10 partial occupations since 1988, the third complete occupation of the Atlantic 20W line known as A16N (first two 1993 and 2013 ) left Suape Brazil in early March heading north for Spain. Leg 2 will follow, departing in mid-April to arrive in Iceland in May. The GO-SHIP/GO-BGC cruise blog can be found here and weekly reports here .

Summer 2023 I05 Occupation in Indian Ocean along 32°S

In July 2023, the R/V Revelle will depart Fremantle heading toward South Africa along approximately 32°S in the next occupation of the I05 line

This will be the fifth occupation this transect that was also sampled in 1987, 1995 (occupied in 3 legs), 2002 and 2009, and the first occupation heading from east to west. Stay tuned for links to the weekly reports from sea and student blog.

GO-SHIP Easy Ocean

Katsumata et al. (2022) present GO-SHIP Easy Ocean, a climate quality gridded synthesis of the land-to-land surface-bottom hydrographic observations from International GO-SHIP repeat occupations. It is intended to be simple to navigate and to have a multitude of uses such as numerical model validation, process study comparison, and decadal-scale quantification of ocean change. The DOI for the GO-SHIP Easy Ocean dataset and a requested statement of acknowledgement can be found here.

A publication using U.S. GO-SHIP observations

Caínzos V., A.Velo , F.. Pérez, and A. Hernández-Guerra (2022) Anthropogenic Carbon Transport Variability in the Atlantic Ocean Over Three Decades, Global Biogeochem. Cycles, https://doi.org/10.1029/2022GB007475

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A publication for younger readers

Talley, L.D., 2021. Global ocean climate change: observing from ships. Frontiers for Young Minds 9:495240. doi: 10.3389/frym.2021.495240

Full publication list using US GO-SHIP data

If you notice a publication is missing, please send an e-mail to coordinator Martin Kramp with all corresponding references: Author(s), title, journal, year, URL and DOI if available.


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