U.S. Global Ocean Ship-based Hydrographic Investigations Program

US GO-SHIP is part of the international GO-SHIP network of sustained hydrographic sections, supporting:

  • Physical oceanography
  • The carbon cycle
  • Marine biogeochemistry and ecosystems
  • Global ocean/climate observing system

The US program is sponsored by US CLIVAR and OCB.

Funded by the National Science Foundation and NOAA.

Download/Submit Cruise Data and Reports

Data and reports are available through the Cruise Data & Schedules Table

To submit and download CTD and bottle data, or to download carbon, current profilers and meterological data, follow the links at the Cruise Data Submission and Download page

I07S 2019-2020

Read about the 2019-2020 occupation of the I7S line on the cruise blog

I06S 2019

Read about the 2019 occupation of the I06S line on the cruise blog and info page

Recent publication using US GO-SHIP data

Carter B. R. et al. (2019) Pacific Anthropogenic Carbon between 1991 and 2017. GBC

Let us know about your most recent publication using US GO-SHIP data!

Full publication list using US GO-SHIP data

If you notice a publication is missing, please send an e-mail to coordinator Martin Kramp with all corresponding references: Author(s), title, journal, year, URL and DOI if available.


Behind the scenes

Get a glimpse of what is like to be at sea with US GO-SHIP!