Cruise Data Submission and Download

A subset of the temperature/salinity/depth and meteorological data should be submitted in near real-time during the cruise, through the Global Telecommunication System (GTS).

Data will be submitted following the cruise to the relevant data management structure within the required timelines. Structures required for the repeat hydrography program (Level 1 and Level 2 data) should include centers for: CTD data, discrete bottle data, underway data, ADCP data and meteorological data. Most Level 3 data sets can be submitted to these centers.

CTD & Bottle Data

Submit, search for, and download CTD and bottle data at the CLIVAR & Carbon Hydrographic Data Office (CCHDO)

Carbon Data

Search for and download carbon data at the Ocean Carbon Data System (OCADS, formerly CDIAC) and at the Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT)

Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Data

Search for and download ADCP data:

Shipboard Underway Data

Search for and download shipboard temperature, salinity, meteorology and navigation data: