Co-Chief Scientists

Advertisements for these positions will be circulated 6 to 9 months prior to each cruise. These positions are considered stepping-stones to the chief scientist position.

They are open to those with PhDs or equivalent experience. No at sea experience is necessary, although it can be a plus.

The Chief Scientist will provide training on board. Although preference may be given to those with ongoing research in the cruise region, all are welcome to apply. If there are multiple qualified applicants for these positions, final selection will be made by the U.S. GO-SHIP Executive Council, in consultation with the Chief Scientists and Principal Investigators.

The program pays all travel costs, and support costs for several weeks before and after the cruise, and can provide costs for publications based from the cruise data.



No Positions are Currently Open

The next available cruises will sail in 2024. These are presently expected to be I08S, I09N, A16S, and possibly P04E. These expeditions have yet to be scheduled.