P6 cruise underway across the South Pacific

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US GO-SHIP cruise P6 on the NB Palmer is leaving Sydney, Australia on July 3, to cross the Pacific at about 32 deg S. This is the fourth 5-10 year repeat of this section (1993, 2003, 2009, and now). First port stop at the end of Leg 1 will be Papeete, Tahiti, expected on Aug. 17, with Chief Scientist Sabine Mecking. The second leg will depart Tahiti Aug. 20 and reach Valparaiso, Chile on Sept. 30, with Chief Scientist Kevin Speer. Plans are to occupy >270 stations from top-to-bottom with all GO-SHIP parameters. 46 profiling floats will be deployed for Argo, including 2 Deep Solo floats and 6 SOCCOM biogeochemical floats.