P6 Leg 2 Week #2

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Cruise Report Week #2

P6 Leg 2 Week 2 Report

1400 local time September 2017
32 30S 131 28W, winds 10-15 kn
Stn 164

Weather delays this week compound with our initial start farther west than planned, the addition of the NASA team’s noon profiling (new to Leg 2), and a non-negligible amount of time to be devoted to deploy 42 floats and drifters. There was, unfortunately, a decision to cut stations and increase station spacing. In my view (KS) these cuts do not compromise the goals of the program; we are increasing spacing in the interior and are aiming to maintain tight spacing near the eastern boundary where strong narrow boundary currents are expected.

A word on time lost to weather. This week we lost about 1 day on stations 145-150, with condition better on Stn 151. Good progress subsequently until Stn 161 when larger waves entered the Baltic Room, knocking into the CTD and MT. No injuries but a lesson to respect the confused sea-state. Winds built to 40 kn and waves 15-20 ft, stalling operations, losing over one day to weather at this station. Finally, Stn 162 was accomplished with reduced seas, and weather conditions forecast to improve. All told, we have lost a bit over 2 days to weather thus far on Leg 2.

All instruments are reported to be working well, sample analyses are going smoothly. Argo floats and a SOCCOM float were deployed and are reported to be operating normally. Various tournaments are underway; the largest crowd, though, seems to be around the daily crossword puzzle.

I would like to thank the marine techs and crew for their help getting our stations done in poor conditions as well as good.

Kevin Speer (Chief Scientist)
Lena Schulze (co-Chief Scientist)