P6 Leg 2 Complete

sioword-multiCruise Report

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Final week of P06 Leg 2

This morning we arrived Valparaiso, Chile ending Leg 2 of GO-SHIP P06.

A total of 250 CTD stations were occupied, 143 on Leg 1 and 107 on Leg 2, for a successful completion of the section.The full cruise report is too large to send by email so I will simply thank the many people involved in the effort.

Kevin Speer

Acknowledgments (from the cruise report)

The professionalism of the analysis groups enabled steady progress and mutual aid when needed. The CTD Watchstanders did an excellent job, even as their assignments multiplied over the course of the cruise. We extend our sincere thanks to MLT Lindsey Ekern for sampling help. Joaquin Chaves shared his enthusiasm for optical measurements in a science presentation. Thanks also to Jim Swift, Lynne Talley, Tomomi Ushii, Sabine Mecking, and Isa Rosso for pre-cruise help and suggestions. NSF and NOAA are acknowledged for funding provided to the GO-SHIP program. Pre-cruise planning was done in collaboration with ASC (Adam Jenkins and Brad Fabling). ASC was also responsible for marine operations while at sea, and we appreciate the support we received from the Marine Projects Coordinator Ken Vicknair and ASC techs, with the deployment and recovery of the rosette and the repair of the LADCP cable. Captain Brandon Bell (ECO) and the crew helped to maintain smooth vessel operations throughout.