GO-SHIP Marine Data Manager/Technician position OPEN

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To Apply: Submit to Job #111201 in jobs.ucsd.edu

(direct link: https://employment.ucsd.edu/111201-go-ship-marine-data-manager-technician/job/17433286)


Filing Deadline: Mon 8/30/2021


The Global Ocean Ship-based Hydrographic Investigations Program (GO-SHIP) brings together scientists with interests in physical oceanography, the carbon cycle, marine biogeochemistry and ecosystems, and other users and collectors of ocean interior data, and coordinates a network of globally sustained hydrographic sections as part of the global ocean/climate observing system. CCHDO is the data center supporting GO-SHIP, ensuring that the data collected is findable and accessible online in well-describe standardized formats (cchdo.ucsd.edu). The Oceanographic Data Facility (ODF) is part of Shipboard Technical Support (STS) that provides specialized expertise, personnel, instrumentation and support services to US GO-SHIP cruises. ODF personnel participate in large-scale worldwide oceanographic expeditions providing reference quality data to researchers in the U.S. and abroad.



This position has two components: shore-side data analysis and management, and at-sea support of data collection.

The shore-side work:

Acquires hydrographic data from researchers and performs "Level 0" quality control to check and standardize formats, parameter names, and units; performs "Level 1" quality control, checking for consistency/precision/accuracy within one cruise’s Level 1 data sets identify errors such as wrong flag sets, mismatches between datetimes or locations, etc. Communicates with scientists as needed to resolve quality issues; assemble datasets into community-standard merged products; work to increase CCHDO efficiency and improve QC procedures, developing new routines and tools as needed; track timelines and data due dates across cruises.

The at-sea work:

Acquire and process all conductivity, temperature, depth and oxygen profile (CTDO) data on research expeditions utilizing established processing methods and routines. Consult with other data analysts, technicians, and scientists to make recommendations for updating and improving the processing routines. Develop, maintain and document Python scientific software used for processing data. Communicate with international researchers on results from previous cruises.

Works on research data reporting assignments that are of moderate diversity in scope. Exercises judgment within generally defined practices and policies in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions.