U.S. GO-SHIP Tracer Post-Doctoral Fellowship (Fall 2022)

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New Call October 2022:
Applications are now being accepted for the first U.S. GO-SHIP Tracer Post-doctoral Fellowship. This is a two-year position designed to foster participation in analysis and collection of tracer data within the U.S. GO-SHIP repeat hydrography program. Fellows may (but are not required to) participate in a GO-SHIP cruise. See the front page of this website for upcoming cruises.

While the Fellowship is administered by the University of Washington, the postdoc may reside at the institution of their U.S. GO-SHIP principal investigator supervisor during the fellowship or work remotely with the consent of their supervisor.

Interested applicants should identify and contact a mentor or mentors from the current list of principal investigators for the U.S. GO-SHIP tracer measurement program including M. Warner (University of Washington), R. Sonnerup (NOAA-PMEL/CICOSE), D.-H. Min (U. Texas Austin), and J. Happell (U. Miami/RSMAS). Contact information can be found here .

Deadline for applications is: November 15, 2022.

Please see full advertisement for details here .