UW-CICOES seeking GO-SHIP nutrient chemist (OPPORTUNITY CLOSED)

Alison MacdonaldOpportunity Closed

 UW-CICOES as a contractor to NOAA/PMEL is seeking to  hire a nutrient chemist to participate on GO-SHIP cruises as well as other research in Alaskan waters.

This position is for an entry-level technician in a chemical oceanographic laboratory with a primary research goal of advancing our understanding of biogeochemical cycling in Alaskan waters and across the deep ocean basins. The technician will work with a small team to measure nutrient, oxygen, and chlorophyll levels in seawater in the laboratory and participate on research cruises in extreme environments for extended periods. Duties include setup, operation and maintaining instrumentation for analysis of nutrients, oxygen, and chlorophyll in seawater samples. Laboratory responsibilities include inventory, ordering supplies, and preparing equipment, chemicals, and supplies for research expeditions. Other responsibilities include data and metadata collection/entry, ensuring data quality, and performing preliminary processing. Additional duties may include using and adapting software tools to process, conduct quality control, and merge data; generating data products using programming languages (e.g., Python, Matlab, R); and creating programming scripts to automate and improve data processing and figure generation. Duties at sea include preparing, deploying, and sampling the CTD-rosette system, overseeing seawater sample collection, operating instrumentation for analysis of seawater samples, and helping other research teams.

This position will be open until filled. Further details on the position, desired background, and how to apply can be found here.

This opportunity is closed