Univ. of Hawaii Seeks Oceanographic Data Specialist (Deadline 9/22/23)

Alison Macdonald Current, Opportunities

The Currents group at the University of Hawaii has developed and maintains software (“UHDAS”, written in C and Python, running under Linux) that collects and runs preliminary processing on a 4-beam vessel-mounted Doppler sonar system. The goal is to provide near-realtime ocean currents to support science and operations during a research cruise. We configure computers to run this software for the U.S Academic Research Fleet (UNOLS), NOAA Fisheries ships, and a handful of other ships. We also develop and support the Open-Source core processing code (CODAS), helping people in the community who have these datasets to get the most out of them after the initial data collection is over.

We’re looking for someone who is comfortable in a Linux environment and can do some Linux system administration, is self-motivated and curious, has good people and communication skills (interacting with the techs on the ships as well as the scientists who sail), and is willing to move to Hawaii. This job involves troubleshooting and interpreting ADCP, heading, and position data; Python programming experience would be an asset.

– A page with more explanation, linking to the job description is here.

– Currents group website.

– CODAS/UHDAS documentation is here.

Applications will be accepted through Friday Sept 22, 2023.