U.S. Support for Observations on Non-U.S. Cruises

Long repeat hydrographic sections are being carried out by other nations. Some may not include all Level 1 and 2 observations. If U.S. groups with the capability to provide these measurements participate on non-U.S.-led repeat hydrography cruises, their data submission requirements as outlined here are waived, in recognition that the non-U.S.-led cruises will not be operating with the same submission deadlines. This also recognizes the importance of collecting these observations for the long-term record of ocean change.

Data collected by U.S. investigators on non-U.S. cruises should still be submitted to the designated data management structures at the time of public dissemination of the principal data sets or at two years, whichever is earlier. If the non-U.S. data sets have an embargo on publication that extends beyond 2 years, then the submitted U.S. data should remain proprietary, that is, without dissemination, until the non-U.S. release date.

The data management structures will make every effort to assemble the complete data sets through contact with the non-U.S. principal investigators.