Position Open for GO-SHIP P02 Chief Scientists (Leg 1 and Leg 2)

Alison MacdonaldOpportunities, Opportunity Closed, P02


We are looking for scientists with experience in physical and/or biogeochemical hydrography and in oceanographic expedition organization who would be interested in participating as Chief Scientist on one of the two legs of the GO-SHIP (https://usgoship.ucsd.edu and http://www.go-ship.org) decadal re-occupation of the hydrographic section P02 along 30°N in the Pacific, tentatively scheduled from April 2022 through July 2022.  Preferred candidates will have extensive previous experience with organizing and executing oceanographic field studies, and/or will have been a Chief or Co-Chief Scientist or a Principal Investigator on a previous U.S. GO-SHIP cruise.

PARTICULARS: (all dates are tentative)

  • Ship: R/V Revelle
  • Leg 1 (P02W) 49-51 days
    • Loading  in and departing from Guam mid-April 2022
    • Sailing to Honolulu, Hawaii, arriving in early June
  • 3-day port stop in early June
  • Leg 2 (P02E) 33 days
    • Departing from Honolulu, Hawaii
    • Sailing to San Diego, California, arriving in early July

Further details on the cruise and application (Due Oct 22, 2021) can be found here