Congrats A13.5 team on a successful cruise! Read weekly reports, blog

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Congratulations to the A13.5 science team for a successful cruise!

February – April, 2024: The occupation of US GO-SHIP A13.5 in the southeastern Atlantic Ocean is underway. The science party met the R/V Langseth docked in Cape Verde after loading most of their gear in Norfolk, Virginia in advance. The Langseth is heading south along the transect and hopes to complete the full line after two failed attempts due to COVID.
Please find the clickable weekly reports below.

You can also follow the expedition through our participant GO-SHIP/GO-BGC cruise blog!

Week 1 Report: February 8, 2024

Week 2 Report: February 15, 2024

Week 3 Report: February 22, 2024

Week 4 Report: February 29, 2024

Week 5 Report: March 7, 2024

Week 6 Report: March 14, 2024

Week 7 / Final Report: March 23, 2024