U.S. GO-SHIP I08S 2024 Cruise Opportunity (deadline 10/29/23 closed)

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2024 At-sea opportunity US GO-SHIP is looking for students and early career scientists/technicians to participate in a 2024 hydrographic expedition; a re-occupation the 95E meridional line in the southeastern sector of the Southern Ocean aboard the R/V Thomas Thomspon. The ship will depart Fremantle, Australia in mid February. After 41 days of at-sea hydrographic operations, it will return to Fremantle …

Univ. of Hawaii Seeks Oceanographic Data Specialist (Deadline 9/22/23)

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The Currents group at the University of Hawaii has developed and maintains software (“UHDAS”, written in C and Python, running under Linux) that collects and runs preliminary processing on a 4-beam vessel-mounted Doppler sonar system. The goal is to provide near-realtime ocean currents to support science and operations during a research cruise. We configure computers to run this software for …

Weekly Reports from I05 (updated 9/16/23)

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Summer 2023: The 4th occupation of US GO-SHIP I05 along 32°S in the Indian Ocean is underway. The science party met the R/V Revelle docked in Fremantle, Australia in the middle of July. Instrumentation was unpacked and set up in the onboard lab spaces where work now ensues for the coming 8 weeks. The Revelle has set sail across the …

Weekly Reports from A16N

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Spring 2023: The 3rd complete occupation of US GO-SHIP A16N from 6.0S to 63.1N is underway. The science party met the NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown docked in Suape Brazil at the beginning of March. Instrumentation was unpacked and set up in the onboard lab spaces where work will ensue for the next 4 weeks as Leg 1 crosses the …

A16N 2023 Blog

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The 2023 reoccupation of A16N is underway. Check out our student blog here. The NOAA Ship Ron Brown awaiting departure from Suape Brazil prior to A16N/Leg 1 (Photo credit Melissa Miller).

Seeking a Chief Scientist for 2023 US GO-SHIP I05 (Opportunity Closed)

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We are seeking a scientist with experience in physical and/or biogeochemical hydrography and in oceanographic expedition organization who would be interested in participating as Chief Scientist on the GO-SHIP (https://usgoship.ucsd.edu and http://www.go-ship.org) decadal re-occupation of the hydrographic section I05 (32°S) in the Indian Ocean from mid-July 2023 through mid-September 2023. Preferred candidates will have extensive previous experience with organizing and …

CCHDO is seeking a data curator! (Deadline Extended 2/2/2023)

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The CLIVAR and Carbon Hydrographic Data Office (CCHDO) serves high-quality, standardized global CTD and hydrographic data for use by the scientific community in diverse ocean and climate change research. Extended Deadline 2/2/2023 We are seeking a new data manager to contribute to the work of ensuring these valuable data are curated, preserved, well-described, documented, findable, accessible, and usable. A BS …