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February – April, 2024: The 4th occupation of US GO-SHIP I08S in the southeastern sector of the Southern Ocean is underway. The science party met the R/V Thomas Thompson docked in Fremantle, Australia where they loaded all their gear and began setting up the lab spaces and equipment. The R/V Thompson will steam south for approximately 10 days to the Antarctic shelf before turning north and beginning the occupation of stations.
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You can also follow the expedition through our participant I08S GO-SHIP/GO-BGC cruise blog!

Weekly Reports

Week 1 Report: February 21-28, 2024

Week 2 Report: March 9, 2024

Week 3 Report: March 15, 2024

Week 4 Report: March 22, 2024

Week 5 / Final Report: March 31, 2024